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3. From Juta to Roshka

The well-known trail connecting Kazbegi region with Khevsureti. It is very interesting due to a proximity of imposing Chaukhi massif with its seven sharp peaks and necessity to scale 3431 meters high Chaukhi pass. At the other side of the pass, you will find Abudelauri lakes – three beautiful alpine lakes with different colors (green, blue and white).

I prefer to spend more time in the area and explore wonderful Arkhoti valley, but the trail is doable also if you have only one day. If you start early from Juta, you will arrive at Roshka in the late afternoon. From there you can hire a jeep to Korsha village, sleep there and catch the morning bus to Tbilisi.

And if that sounds too hard, you can make only a pleasant walk to the foot of Chaukhi massif and return back to Juta.

Distance: 18km
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1400m up, 1800m down

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