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2: Honopu Ridge Trail

Honopu Ridge Trail is a 5-mile out and back hike in Koke’e State Park. I attempted this trail once but was totally engulfed by clouds so I didn’t get to enjoy any of the views. I decided I had to go back a second time. My persistence paid off and the second visit was beautiful with views of the Na Pali coast.

This ridge trail takes a number of turns in the early moments of the hike but they are clearly marked by pink and orange tape. Hunting trails branch out from the Honopu Ridge Trail frequently so make sure you stick with the tape markers and stay on track.

This hike is great but it can be brutal on your legs and arms. The low-lying shrubs are incredibly sharp and the trail is so narrow there is no way to avoid their constant scrape. I would highly suggest wearing pants on this hike. It isn’t going to kill you if you don’t but you will regret not heeding this advice when you return.

The first time I hiked the Honopu Ridge Trail, I arrived at the first lookout and the narrow ridge section while in the middle of a cloud. Everything was white. The second time the view was insane! The first lookout has you facing straight towards the classic Na Pali ridges and a huge waterfall in the Honopu Valley.

The second lookout peers down onto the AwaAwapuhi Trail and even as far as the Nualolo Trail. We watched whales breaching below as the tour boats cruised up and down the coast. It took us almost 2 hours to make it out to this viewpoint, not including our 1-hour rest but it was well worth it!

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