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3. Nualolo Ridge Trail

The Nualolo Cliff Trail on Kauai takes you from 3800ft to 2200ft, but rewards you with epic views of Nualolo Valley and the Na Pali Coast. The 3.8-mile track is a half-day adventure in the Koke’e State Park.

The Nualolo Cliff Trail is a 3.8 mile out and back trail. The terrain is very muddy at times and winds you through a dense forest. It is a day hike for experienced trekkers and there were many slips from members of our hiking crew.

The trail is similar to the Awaawapuhi Trail, which was downhill for almost the entire journey, making it a relaxing but brisk walk along the red sand path. The jungle became dense in parts but never impeded the path, only making for beautiful scenery as we made our way towards the coast.

The Nualolo Cliff Trail delivered its first ridge view and we were blown away as with all the hikes out in the west. The grand scale of the cliffs is something you can never really get used to.

We reached what appears to be the official viewpoint and the watch said we had completed the 1.9 miles out. The trail to the second lookout led us through some thick grass and down some steep descents but nothing too crazy! The second lookout was a little plateau where we hung out and rested before turning back. It’s not of the most popular hikes on Kauai but in my opinion its one of the best hikes on Kauai because of the multiple lookouts at the end of the cliff trail.

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