Hiking Trails In Europe: 10 Of The Best For Your Summer Bucket List

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As the European winter comes to a close, the best hiking trails in Europe start to get traffic from locals and tourists.

A good day trekking is one of my favourite activities when travelling (it helps they’re usually free).

As you start to plan your Euro summer adventure, consider popping a few of these hikes the to-do list.

These 10 hiking destinations in Europe are compiled by a few bloggers and myself. I’ll speak for them all and say we all had a blast on these trails.

1. Montserrat National Park Leaves You Surprised, Exhilarated & Proud

If you find yourself in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona, make sure Montserrat National Park makes your bucket list. The hike from Montserrat monastery to the peak of Sant Jeroni takes about an hour and a half on average, maybe two hours if you’re slow.

We set off on the hike originally only intending to hike maybe a quarter to see the incredible infamous rock formations but once we set off we knew we couldn’t turn back before we’d reached the top.

The further you get into the National Park, the stranger and more beautiful the mountains become; some describe them as teeth, some as a serrated knife- to me they looked like fingers protruding from the landscape, strangely round and bulbous in shape and nothing like I’d ever seen before.

Reaching the peak of Sant Jeroni was exhilarating, to say the least, especially since we hadn’t even intended to finish the hike. The summit graces you with a perfect panoramic view over the mountain range that reaches all the way to the snowy tips of the Pyrenees on the horizon.

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